M.U.S.E. Program

M.U.S.E. Description

The MillenniTEK Undergraduate Summer Experience (M.U.S.E.) Program offers 8 or 10-week, full-time (temporary), summer internship opportunities at MillenniTEK to undergraduate students pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields.

In this summer internship, you will be mentored by one of our lead STEM experts who will guide you through the research and development areas that are critical to MillenniTEK’s mission. Students will complete designated projects outlined by their mentors, gaining educational experience in their fields of study. This is an opportunity for participants to enhance their professional network, connect with professionals in your field, and develop their interests at our facilities. Participants get to engage with our leading STEM experts daily and will develop skills in problem solving, data analysis, and research.

Key Dates

All submission deadlines (shown in red) and no applications will be accepted after the submission deadline has passed. The application system closes at 5:00 PM Eastern Time.

Internship Term

Summer 2024

On-line Application Opens

April 1, 2024

Offer Notification Period Begins on or around

April 15, 2024

Applications Due

April 30, 2024

All Offers and Notifications Complete

April 30, 2024



Participants must be currently enrolled in a college/university in a relevant field from accredited U.S. universities.
• Participants must have a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA.
• Participants must submit their resumes and copy of transcripts (omitting any personal identification information such as social security number) to hr@millennitek.com
• Open to U.S. citizens.

Participant Obligations

Participants must conduct their internship at MillenniTEK’s facilities located in Knoxville, Tennessee.
• Must complete the full 8 or 10 – week program. Students should expect to spend approximately 40 hours a week working on their research projects. This opportunity requires a full-time commitment for the duration of the appointment period.
• Internships begin in May and June, on the first business day of each week.
• In advance of completion of their appointment, participants must complete a 1500 to 3000-word research project report. Report requirements and additional guidance will be provided at the beginning of the internship period.
• Must behave in a responsible and professional manner.

Benefits & Compensation

• $16.25 per hour (40 hours per week)
• Participants spend 8 or 10 – weeks at MillenniTEK and will be engaged in a research project under the guidance of a MillenniTEK scientist or engineer.
• This position does not include medical or other company benefits, vacation, or sick leave.
• MillenniTEK provides all required training.
• Selected students are reimbursed for one round trip domestic travel to MillenniTEK (if permanent address is more than 50 miles from the host laboratory). Transportation expenses will be reimbursed based on the most direct route. Travel by a private automobile will be reimbursed at the current government rate up to a maximum of $500.00 or the cost of the lowest commercial airfare, whichever is lower. Travel by air will be reimbursed at the cost of the lowest commercial airfare.
• Housing and travel allowances are provided only to M.U.S.E. participants residing outside the 50-mile radius of Knoxville.


We are happy to answer any questions you may have on M.U.S.E. Feel free to contact us at hr@millennitek.com for additional information.

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