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An advanced materials manufacturer, developer, supplier and designer.  We are focused on changing the world through material science by excepting the challenges that face our world today.

Technical Ceramics

Induction melting crucibles for air and vacuum.  Specializing in a unique zirconia composite material, as well as alumina and fused silica.  Standard and custom shape design capabilities.

Millennibond™ crucibles


Our trademarked Millennibond™ crucibles are truly non-wetting and have the same advantages as monolithic Zirconia crucibles but at a reduced cost due to the higher cost material being an external layer with a less expensive material acting as the crucible substrate.

Isotonic Tooling | MillenniTek

Isostatic Tooling

We take pride in solving difficult issues and apply our extensive knowledge to design tooling that will meet both production output and longevity.

Cast Products

Cast Products

Our cast products are used in the steel, glass, powder metal and furnace industry.  Many of our parts have excellent thermal shock and wear resistance.

Grinding Media

Grinding Media

MillenniTEK manufactures the highest quality grinding media from high purity advanced ceramic materials.



MillenniTEK manufactures components from a variety of stabilized zirconia’s depending on application and material specification requirements.



The nozzle material characteristics coupled with the isostatic forming method and designed particle size distribution yields an extremely versatile atomizing nozzle that excels in the harsh environment of powdered metal manufacturing.

Nuclear Products

MillenniTEK manufactures and supplies Boron Carbide neutron absorbers for use in nuclear reactors world-wide.  We are a NQA-1 certified supplier, manufacturing to 10 CFR 50 Appendix B quality assurance criteria.

Solid Neutron Absorbers


Enriched B4C pellets are manufactured from B10 enriched boron carbide powder.

Annular Neutron Absorbers


Annular or tubular absorbers are generally manufactured from Alumina-B4C.  It is important to ensure that the distribution of the B4C within the alumina matrix is completely homogeneous.

Neutron Absorbers end spacers

End Spacers

We manufacture high purity alumina end spacers for use in fuel or control rods.  Our spacers are manufactured under our NQA-1 quality system and are used in current reactors designs.

Plastic and Metal Vacuum Casting 

Vacuum casting is used by a range of industries including automotive, medical and scientific, creative and entertainment, and consumer products.  Anytime you need to create custom parts in small batch quantities Vacuum Casting is the most cost effective solution.

Renishaw 5 / 01 Vacuum Casting System

5/01 PLC

The 5/01 PLC is capable of casting the full range of Renishaw polyurethane resins. The system also benefits from Renishaw Vario Vac technology that allows highly viscous materials, such as silicone rubber, to be cast efficiently by applying differential pressure to rapidly force material into the mould.

Renishaw 5 / 01 ULC Vacuum Casting System

5/01 ULC

The Renishaw 5/01 ULC is designed as an entry level vacuum casting solution and is particularly well suited to small businesses and educational establishments.

Renishaw 5 / 04 PLC Vacuum Casting System

5/04 PLC

Renishaw’s 5/04 vacuum casting system has a casting capacity of up to 5.5 litres.  The system boasts Vario Vac differential pressure casting and comes with the the option of a heated cup module. In addition, the 5/04 benefits from the option of chamber extension, and has been designed to accommodate the Renishaw Nylon Plus casting module for nylon vacuum casting.

Renishaw 5 / 06 PLC Vacuum Casting System

5/06 PLC

The 5/06 PLC combines the benefits of two machines in one, and by combining the twin chambers, can be used as a single dual pour machine (quad pour with 2 x twin robot), or two independently operated machines.


MillenniTek carries a wide variety of consumable good for all our supported hardware.  Call our customer service team anytime you run low on supplies.

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