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Engineering, Tooling, and Machining

At MillenniTEK, we deliver high production throughput and customized solutions for diverse applications, including the nuclear industry. Our expertise in design engineering, electrical design, fixture design, process optimization, tooling, toll processing, and machining ensures top-quality results tailored to your specific needs.

Our Services

MillenniTEK is dedicated to producing customized components for a variety of industries, with a special focus on the nuclear sector. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is equipped to handle complex design engineering, tooling, and machining tasks, ensuring precision and reliability in every project.

Our Expertise

MillenniTEK is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of design engineering, tooling, and machining to revolutionize the industry.

Enhanced Precision Machining

Unleash the potential of ceramic materials with MillenniTEK’s versatile contract-machining services. Whether it’s green, bisque, or hard machining operations, we’re here to bring your vision to life using your material or ours. Trust in MillenniTEK’s precision ceramic expertise to elevate your next project to new heights.

Advanced Tooling Solutions

Our manufacturing process involves compacting extremely hard and abrasive powdered materials.  Our tooling is manufactured in-house using ceramic inserts, press fitted into die bodies.  We design tooling depending on pressing pressure, particle size distribution, pressing speed and ejection method.  We can design and manufacture tooling to meet your needs for both the ceramic and metal powder industry.  Our knowledge of designing tooling that eliminates pressing defects is extensive.

We supply ceramic inserts for tooling that offer increased life of the die, and have been using this method of tooling design for many years.  A variety of punch tips manufactured from different materials can also be manufactured.

Complicated tooling shapes can be achieved by wire EDM.  We have the ability to grind and polish in-house.

If you have a tooling requirement or would like to look at the possibility of increasing your tooling life please contact us.  We can help you increase productivity and reduce cost.

Next-Gen Design Engineering

A well-rounded design team is a key factor that ensures MillenniTEK stays ahead of the game.  Our established engineering team with the young minds of graduates from some of the country’s most renowned engineering universities.

Our expertise is forming ceramic powders into various shapes by utilizing an array of methods including 3D printing, selective laser sintering (SLS), gel casting, cold isostatic pressing, hot isotatic pressing and standard powder compaction.  Any of these methods can be used as the basis to design specific components for high tech modern applications.  We can fine-tune ceramic powders to specific particle size distribution to allow us to control the compaction pressure at specific green density.  The result of this control is reduced defects and tightly controlled densities of the green compact.

Correct material selection for specific applications is critical when designing ceramic components for custom purpose use.  We have expertise in many material fields including ceramic and metal matrix composites and ceramic resin composites.

Process Optimization

During day to day production it can sometimes be difficult to troubleshoot issues that result in reduced output and defects.  Most companies have worked hard at optimizing their internal processes by identifying issues through root cause analysis and taking the required action to rectify the problem.  This method can improve efficiency and yields over time and when coupled with continuous improvement techniques, can increase efficiency.

At MillenniTEK we have pushed these methods beyond standard practice.  We analyze every movement, at every stage of your production line, look at every contacting material and fabrication method and then develop faster processes and utilize longer lasting materials to push output efficiency to the next level.

As a current NQA-1 supplier we can also use commercial grade dedication methodology to ensure that our suppliers meet the stringent quality requirements that are necessary in the nuclear field.  The method of identifying and ensuring these standards can be applied to any process or manufacturing type.  We can source alternative suppliers through our worldwide network and help you to lower costs.

Improved process, reduced down time and lower material costs all combine to result in an improved bottom line.  Call us today.  Every project is undertaken with the strictest confidence and a full ROI study will be initiated to ensure that the project will be successful. 

Electrical Design

At MillenniTEK we have the ability to design and build control systems for all types of automated applications.  Our electrical workshop is equipped to build the most modern panels, utilizing SCADA, PLC control and robotic positioning.  Our laser measuring systems are designed specifically for the customer’s application and can be automated to facilitate on-the-fly measuring of components.

If you are looking for build only – no problem.  We can supply the labor to build any type of control panel large or small.

Our control panels are built to UL 508.

Fixture Design

Every component that we manufacture varies in the type of material, density, shape and surface finish requirements.  Often our products require 100% visual and dimensional inspection.  We have designed, built, commissioned and qualified laser measuring fixtures both fully automated and manually operated.  Often, systems that are available off the shelf are overkill for the application or simply too expensive to justify the capital expenditure.  We design our systems to the application.  This results in controlled costs and ensures instrumentation that fits the product.

We utilize the latest technology from manufacturers such as Mitutoyo, Keyence, Fluke and Fanuc.  Our fixtures include robotic handling, precision automation and automatic inputting of data into any standard format such as Microsoft Excel.  We program in-house so that systems can be designed to your specific needs.

Toll Processing

We have the ability to toll process a variety of materials.  We can press or cast components and ship them to the end user in the green or fired form.  Our toll capabilities are as follows:

Powder compaction into cylindrical and annular shapes
Rapid Uniaxial pressing
Cold Isostatic pressing (CIP)
Hot isostatic pressing (HIP)
Firing capability up to 2300 ºC (inert) continuous
Firing capability up to 1600 ºC (inert or air)
Fired machining of ceramic components dry or wet up to 100% dense boron carbide hardness
Green machining of components

Precision Designing, Tooling, and Machining

Our Expertise in High-Quality Manufacturing

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