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About MillenniTek

img_1802MillenniTEK was formed in 2010 by a management buy-out of Millennium Materials, a company that was owned by the UK company, Dyson Group PLC.  Since purchasing the company, MillenniTEK has more than doubled its production capacity, increased yields to greater than 95% and developed several new ceramic product lines.

Millennitek is an advanced materials manufacturer, developer, supplier and designer.  We are focused on changing the world through material science by accepting the challenges that face our world today.  Over the years we have created a team that consistently exceeds our customer’s expectations in both performance and quality.

MillenniTek, or MTEK for short, started out in 2010 by a management buy-out of Millennium Materials that was owned by UK-based Dyson Group PLC. Since the purchase, MTEK has achieved the following:

  • Doubled its production capacity
  • Increased yields greater than 95%
  • Developed several new ceramic product lines
  • NQA-1 quality program conformance in 2010

The company is split into two divisions, the first being technical ceramic manufacturing where we convert materials that are in powder form into solid high tolerance components.  The second division provides rapid prototyping parts in an array of materials including resins, plastic, nylon wax and ceramics.  The prototyping division also supplies vacuum casting machines, vacuum mixers, industrial ovens and castable consumables.

Our products include

  • Investment casting consumables
  • Continuous casting components
  • Castable refractories
  • High precision neutron absorbers manufactured from boron carbide
  • Crucible’s
  • Zirconia nozzles for the powder metal industry

Our processes include

  • Cold Isostatic pressing (CIP)
  • Powder compaction
  • Ceramic machining
  • Vacuum Casting
  • SLA, 3D printing and CNC production of models


Their competent team of experts has extensive knowledge on both process equipment, technical ceramics and prototyping, covering every aspect of ceramic manufacturing from raw material mixing and spray drying to advanced firing, machining and inspection. The full engineering staff can model, design, and develop products with the use of advanced design tools.


Vacuum Casting – Converting idea’s into products


The Vacuum Casting PROCESS

  • Encasing a master model in two part liquid Silicone rubber
  • A vacuum is applied to remove any trapped air bubbles
  • Cured in an oven at around 40°C
  • Once cured, the mold can be cut open
  • The master model is removed leaving a mold cavity
  • The mold segments are put back together and secured
  • Then preheated in an oven to 70°C


The Vacuum Casting BENEFITS

  • Pattern to part in as little as 24 hours
  • A wide variety of PU resins replicating a range of engineering polymers
  • Trusted global supplier with support in 32 countries
  • Direct casting of Nylon PA6 for functional parts
  • Comprehensive training & ongoing applications support
  • Mold can be used again and again
  • Highly versatile with a range of prototypes and final products
By utilizing the latest laser measuring equipment and techniques, MTEK ensures accurate, high tolerance dimensions. We use Solidworks to produce solid models and 3D print or SLA the designs time and time again until the perfect prototype is achieved.

Once the design is finalized, we vacuum cast low to medium volume production runs to get your product launched. Vac Casting is a bridging technology between prototyping and injection molding.  It’s an affordable way to get product to market without the expense of injection mold tooling.  If you build low volume electronics, it’s a great way to manufacture cases and internal support parts.

Management Team

Steve Getley

President and CEO

Jennifer Todd


Eric Youngquist

Quality Manager

Drew Spradling

Director of Technical Ceramics

Sandra Getley

Vacuum Cast Sales

MillenniTEK in the News

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Our key objective is to deliver conforming materials,
on time with zero defects.