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Isostatic Press Molds

We are competitive and offer fast turn around times that are often required when developing new products or using new materials.  We can produce tooling for any make of press.

Isostatic Tooling Rods
Isostatic Tooling
Isostatic Tooling Tubes

Millennitek can produce both wet and dry bag tooling for use in isostatic press applications.  We can work with all types of drawing formats including .drw, slddrw and .dwg.

 Our tolerances are exactly what you would expect from a precision manufacturer.

We have years of experience in the design of isostatic tooling.  We can model the material behavior under different loads and stresses and reduce undesirable effects such as “elephants foot” that is normally seen when dry bag pressing.

If the original tooling hardness is unknown, we can analyze the material and reproduce new tooling to the same specification.

We are not limited in size and would be happy to discuss any project.  Out turn around time is one of the best in the industry.

A unique feature of our tooling is our ability to mix of different hardness materials within the same tool.  We can produce the main body of the mold in a softer material and the inner part in a stiffer material in order to reduce distortion of the finished part.  The materials are integrated with each other to eliminate the possibility of de-lamination.

We take pride in solving difficult issues and apply our extensive knowledge to design tooling that will meet both production output and longevity.