Extreme heat, a volatile environment and high abrasion characteristics are all present during the conversion of molten metal into powder form.  As the nozzle travels through its use cycle, changes in internal bore or inside diameter profile can adversely affect the quality and characteristic of the finished powder.  We studied these dynamics closely and engineered a material that is truly stabilized prior to forming.  This gives the advantage of a uniform density and strength and reduces  the possibility of reaction or conversion taking place while in use.

The nozzle material characteristics coupled with the isostatic forming method and designed particle size distribution yields an extremely versatile atomizing nozzle that excels in the harsh environment of powdered metal manufacturing.

Nozzle shape and size is dependent upon our customer’s specific requirements.  We can design our tooling from a supplied finished nozzle drawing or develop the nozzle to meet any requirement.  The ability to manufacture tooling in-house enables us to be cost effective.  Trial or samples may be available to suit your application.  We can also OD profile grind standard samples to fit your existing process to eliminate tooling charges.

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