Technical Ceramics

Founded on the precision and quality of nuclear ceramics.

“Every aspect of the application is considered when we design and configure a material to meet the demands of extreme environments.  Our advanced materials division work with the latest technologies to find solutions that meet our customer’s demands.  We focus on temperature and thermal shock requirements, precision machining and every type of material imaginable including pre-cursor and backfilled resin technologies.  Our foundation is based on nuclear ceramics resulting in precision high quality products that Millennitek is known for worldwide.”

Steve Getley

President and CEO, MillenniTek


Our trademarked Millennibond™ crucibles are truly non-wetting and have the same advantages as monolithic Zirconia crucibles but at a reduced cost due to the higher cost material being an external layer with a less expensive material acting as the crucible substrate.

Isostatic Tooling

We take pride in solving difficult issues and apply our extensive knowledge to design tooling that will meet both production output and longevity.

Cast Products

Our cast products are used in the steel, glass, powder metal and furnace industry.  Many of our parts have excellent thermal shock and wear resistance.

Grinding Media

MillenniTEK manufactures the highest quality grinding media from high purity advanced ceramic materials.


MillenniTEK manufactures components from a variety of stabilized zirconia’s depending on application and material specification requirements.



The nozzle material characteristics coupled with the isostatic forming method and designed particle size distribution yields an extremely versatile atomizing nozzle that excels in the harsh environment of powdered metal manufacturing.

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