Vacuum Casting Equipment and Service

MillenniTek sells and services the Renishaw Vacuum Casting product line.  Choose the right machine for your job.  Don’t need an machine in-house?  MillenniTek can cast your products.

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Renishaw Vacuum Casting

MillenniTek sells and services the Renishaw Vacuum Casting product line.

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When Quality is Critical

Expect conforming materials with zero defects delivered on time.  Every Time.

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Founded on the precision and quality of nuclear ceramics

Induction melting crucibles for air and vacuum.  Specializing in a unique zirconia composite material, as well as alumina and fused silica.  Standard and custom shape design capabilities

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Genlab Limited Authorized Reseller

Industrial Ovens

MillenniTek is proud to be an Authorized Reseller of Genlab Ovens.  We carry a range of industrial ovens, laboratory ovens, incubators and associated thermal products.

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Choose vacuum casting when you need to create small batch runs of your custom products.  MillenniTek sells and supports Renishaw vacuum casting equipment, Genlab Limited Ovens and can produce you products for you.

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Technical Ceramics & Nuclear Absorbers


MillenniTEK manufactures and supplies Boron Carbide neutron absorbers for use in nuclear reactors world-wide.  We are a NQA-1 certified supplier, manufacturing to 10 CFR 50 Appendix B quality assurance criteria.

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Let Us Do The Work For You

MillenniTEK offers a wide range of services from new product design to instrumentation design and supply.  Our experts can cast your products saving you the investment in equipment and training.

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